Can An Antenna Affect The Output Of My Solar Panels?

Simply put, a TV antenna can affect the output of a home’s solar panel installation. The shadow cast by an antenna can cause the problem, as can any other shadow type, whether that be from a tree, a building or cloud cover. Shade on a solar panel system can […]
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Satellite Signal Issues In Mackay: Call Jim’s Antennas

If you’ve got problems with your satellite dish and you reside in Mackay there’s only one name to call: Jim’s Antennas. Graham of Jim’s Antennas West Mackay was called to a job at Eimeo recently as the client was experiencing reception problems with their satellite. Graham first conducted a […]
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LED Lights: Can They Interfere With Your TV Reception?

LED LIGHTS & TV INTERFERENCE Many of our Jim’s Antennas technicians have seen a spike in digital television interference that may be caused by some models of LED light globes. This may also be the case for digital radio reception. If you experience a sudden loss of signal or picture […]
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Bowling Anyone? Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm Steps Up

Michael and Margaret Stone from Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm have been league bowling with the Zodiacs at Bowland Ingle Farm since last year after being introduced to it by another franchisee. As the league needed a sponsor for 2014 Michael and Margaret decided to put themselves forward to supply the […]
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Jim’s Antennas Helping out our Little Heroes in South Australia

Jim’s Antennas are proud supporters of the Little Heroes Foundation, with contributions regularly made to the foundation by the South Australian franchisees. As an extension of this campaign to support the Little Heroes in South Australia, the franchisees all agreed to extend the donations we give to cover not just […]
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Storm Season on the Gold Coast: Call Jim’s Antennas

Another summer on the Gold Coast means another storm season, and if most storms comes the possibility of damaged TV antennas. If you’re left without TV following a storm, Jim’s Antennas is the ones to call. Our technicians are fully insured and extensively trained, and are able to work […]
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Home Theatre Rooms In Adelaide: Call Jim’s Antennas

If you’re looking to turn your existing spare room into your own home theatre room, then Adrian from Jim’s Antennas Adelaide (Blackwood) is one of our many technicians in the area that can help. You may also be looking to build your new home with a home theatre and […]
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Every World Cup Soccer Match Live On SBS

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will kick off with the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on Friday 13 June live on SBS ONE, but did you know that EVERY match will be broadcast Live on SBS ONE & SBS HD and streamed live on the Internet? […]
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Birds Causing TV Antenna Worries? Call Jim’s Antennas To Discuss Bird Spikes

If you’ve got birds continually landing on your TV antenna then bird spikes is the solution for you. Michael, from Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm is all too familiar with this problem, so much so that he now carries bird spikes to offer to clients with this frustrating problem. Many people […]
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Home Theatre Options: TV Wall Mount on the Gold Coast

Looking for home theatre options and you reside on the Gold Coast? The choice is simple: call Jim’s Antennas. Here’s another fine example of our work: a TV wall mounted expertly by one of Jim’s Antennas technicians that service the Gold Coast area. With over 15 years of experience […]
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