Shane of Jim’s Antennas National took on a great challenge and came out on top after recently travelling to a farm in Oberon, some 180 km west of Sydney, to install a CB radio system, NBN satellites, a mobile repeater and yagi antenna. After receiving some great advice from Ben at Radio Parts and other experienced Jim’s Antennas franchisees, Shane was armed with all the right equipment to get the job done. Shane set up the CB radio system, which the owners now use to communicate from their base in the main house to their employees driving around the property, and the result is a far greater improvement on previous communication options. Being so remote, the farm owners also complained of poor mobile reception. Well this is no longer a problem, with Shane installing a mobile repeater and yagi antenna which is designed to amplify and disburse a 3G mobile signal without causing any interference to the Telstra mobile network. The farm owners mobile phone reception immediately went from one bar to five bars, so they were extremely pleased with the solution provided. Jim’s Antennas can provide a solution to most if not all of your reception, antenna, phone and home theatre needs throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. Contact 131546 for a free quote.

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