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Is a Franchise Right For Me?

franchise-right-for-mePurchasing a franchise or business of any type is a big decision, one not to be taken lightly, we find that some people are not suited to a Jim’s franchise and at times we need to decline people before they purchase. Over the years we have found that our most successful franchisees have the following in common.

  • Enjoy talking with people, and have great communication skills
  • Have a great support network from friends and family
  • Have a genuine interest in Plasmas, Home Theatre and technology
  • Are positive people and enjoy team environments
What type of work will I be doing?

franchise-type-of-workAs a Jims Antennas franchisee your day will be filled with a variety of different audio visual services. Your core services will be antenna installations which will involve diagnosing and solving your customers reception problems.

Another key part of your day to day work, will be contacting customers over the phone to book in quotes and of course speaking with customers whose homes you attend, and for this you will need great customer service skills.

Why not find out more by contacting us to arrange an obligation free trail day ,where you will spend a day on the road with one of our experienced franchisees and see first hand the type of work our franchisees do.

Assesment Days

franchise-assessment-daysIf your thinking of buying a franchisee but not 100% sure as to wether this is for you or not don’t worry! Jim’s Antennas provide full assessment days allowing you to spend a day with a current franchisee experiencing a day in the life of a franchise, during the day you will have ample time to ask questions and experience first hand what it is like to install TV Antennas.

This also gives Jim’s Antennas the opportunity to asses wether you are the right fit for our franchise. If at the end of the day you find it’s not for you that’s fine, its best we all find out prior to moving forward.

Training: The key to your success!

Training is perhaps the most important part of purchasing Jim’s Antennas franchise. All franchise owners are provided with a full 4 week comprehensive training course which has been developed and proven over the past 10 years.

National Conferences

Training is ongoing and in our industry there is always something new and exciting coming out, our national conferences are a time to come together and share knowledge in a formal setting by day and around the bar by night.

The annual conference is also where we recognise our top performing franchisees , the much anticipated announcement of the winner The Franchisee of the Year Award takes place at the gala dinner each year.

How Much money can I expect to make?

franchise-successThe profitability of a franchise is dependent on many different factors, the main one being the time and effort you put into your business and the lifestyle you wish to achieve. Inexperienced franchisees will tend to earn less than experienced ones, with their income growing overtime as they gain experience.

For examples of earning potential we suggest you talk to both experienced and new franchisees and observe the daily income of other franchisees, on your assessment day and during your training period.

Jims Antenna offers a work availability guarantee of $1500 per week, although many franchisees far exceed this figure.

Franchise Fees

Jims Antennas have a unique fee structure, and do not charge a percentage of your income. The Jims fee structure is incentive based, with franchisees paying for each lead which is sent to them by the office plus an admin and advertising fee. Jims Antennas franchisees do not pay any fees on jobs they pick up themselves, so the more work they gain from personal referrals the lower the fees they pay.

National Buying Power

Jims Group have over 2,500 franchisees across the different divisions, the strength of Jims Group often lends buying power for national deals. This means Jims Antennas franchisees are able to enjoy significant savings on work vans, mobile phone deals, insurance, stock and more.

Adam gets off to a flying start with a new Franchise

Jim's Antennas FranchiseAfter 10 years on the frontline as a Victoria police officer, Adam Bartel decided upon a career change with a focus on lifestyle. After assessing his options Adam decided that a career in digital communications was for him. With a passion for technology and the digital communications industry, Adam saw a Jim’s Antennas franchise as an opportunity to do what he loves.
Rather than risk establishing an independent start-up business, Adam selected a Jim’s Antennas franchise as his preferred business model. Adam says, “I looked thoroughly at the options I had available to me. I considered going it alone, but decided upon the franchise model. Jim’s Antennas stood out to me due to brand power and reputation”. Adam continues, “From day one I knew I made the right decision. The professionalism of my franchisor and his team has been great and the training has also been outstanding”.
Adam attended Jim’s Group induction, which extends for three days and provides prospective franchisees with an understanding of the business model and why it’s been so successful over a 25 year period. Following induction Adam underwent four weeks ‘on the job’ training, which is designed to provide franchisees with the best platform from which to launch their new business. Adam states, “The training was comprehensive and I was able to hit the ground running. I’m confident with most aspects of the business, but if there’s something I’m not sure about there’s always someone within the group who knows the answer”.
There are so many facets to what Jim’s Antennas franchisees can offer clients, which is what attracted Adam: “One day I might put up four new antennas, the next day I might be doing a commercial antenna at an apartment complex. I also love helping people with their home entertainment needs, whether it be wall mounting a TV or setting up a surround sound system. The options are endless”, says Adam.
Adam adds, “I love the ability to work close to home, but I’m certainly not restricted to the area. Jim’s is a flexible system that allows me to take work where I want, when I want.
If you want to start your own business and have a passion for the industry then I highly recommend a Jim’s Antennas franchise”.

What Jim’s Antennas Franchisees are saying

“I have owned my Jim’s Antennas franchise for almost 4 years now and continue to look forward to each and every day. It sounds corny but it’s true to say that no two days are the same. I get to meet all walks of life during every working week. I have become the ‘Go to’ guy for plenty of people who rely on my honesty and skills in order to solve problems and help make peoples lives easier…. I get the chance to work with the latest toys and gadgets… all while being paid for it! I am surrounded by like minded people who all bring their own knowledge and expertise and are only too happy to share if called upon.
This is my only time being self employed and being my own boss did take some getting used too.. It is true, you only get out of it what you are prepared to put in and I can honestly say that for me, buying my franchise is the best thing I could have done…
Matthew Mitchell, Jim's Antennas Moana Vale, SA
“I began my Jims Antennas franchise in august of 2003.
I started my Jims franchise because i wanted the freedom to work my own hours and be my own boss. The most appealing thing for me was the harder I worked the more money I made.
As the years went on I realised that another big benefit of having a Jims franchise is that we don’t have to lease a shopfront, buy any perishable stock or pay staff when there is no money being made. If I dont want to work or go on holidays I just simply switch of my work requirements with the call centre.
Over the past 11 years I have achieved some great results, I enjoy going to work and the support from Andrew, Heidi and the team in Melbourne has been great. Andrew the franchisor has always been there if I needed his advice and the office staff have helped me with all I have needed, such as booking courses to upskill myself or anything I need to do to meet government regulations. The team in the office have always actively tried to get as much work as possible for us and have also tendered for some lucrative contracts along the way.
I usually only work from Monday to Friday from 9 till 5, this helps me fit in with the needs of my family while still making great money.
Joining Jims Antennas is one of the best decisions I have made, which is why I recently re signed for another 10 years.
The team at Jims Antennas has been great and they are more like a family than work mates, I recommend Jims Antennas to anyone that wants to work hard, take good advice and have pride in their work.
George Jalalaty, Jim's Antennas Fairfield, NSW
“My wife and I purchased Jims Antennas (Kirwan) 4 years and 11 and a half months ago. Having no previous experience in the industry, it was a massive decision for us as I am a qualified carpenter/joiner who had absolutely no idea about antennas and such. This franchise appealed to us as we have a young family and to be able to control work hours to spend more time with my girls, it was a no brainer. Training, backup support, conferences and knowledge from my franchisor and fellows Jims all over Australia is unbelievable. I have also made some great friends in the Jims family. This was the best business decision we have ever made with absolutely no regrets.”
Peter Clarke, Jim's Antennas Kirwan, QLD
“Wow, what a life changing decision! Owning our own Corporate Jims Antennas business in Ballarat for the past 5 years has allowed us the opportunity to control our own financial future while having professional support at our finger tips.

Owning a corporate franchise gives us the peace of mind that we could work our own business, create a positive professional reputation and successful local business. We did not just buy a business but a lifestyle that our whole family can enjoy.”

Shane Cunningham, Jim's Antennas Ballarat, VIC
“I have been with Jims Antennas for five years now and still enjoy the opportunity that Jims Antennas has given me to run my own business while managing my family life at the same time. I took two years and a great deal of research to finally decide to buy a Jims Antenna franchise and I feel that it was the right decision for me and my family.

“Jims Antennas offers a good solid grounding for a business, following the Jims Penman’s approach to business and franchising. They have a tried and proven business model and all the help you could possibly need to start your business. The Jims Antenna division stands out well ahead of the other Jims Franchises due to the true driving force of the Jims Antenna business and brand, Mr Andrew Parke. Andrew has built a very trusted and professional brand with Jims Antennas. He has great people working with him and strives to better the business from every angle. He continues to grow the Jims Antennas business with advances in marketing, technology, produces and training.

I enjoy the team approach Andrew has built with help only a telephone call away and there’s always one of the other franchisees willing to give you a hand. Since joining Jims Antennas my family has gained some fantastic friendships and our family holidays usually include at least one other Jims family. I cannot recommend Jims Antennas highly enough from Andrew Parke and his staff to all the other franchisees this is a real friendly team to be part of.

Jims Antennas is a brand name that is well know and trusted by people Australia wide. Jims Antennas always strive to do the very best they can to give their customers a better experience from their initial inquiry, to arriving on time and using materials that are tried and proven performers. Jims Technicians are all Police checked, fully licensed and fully insured which give the customer piece of mind that the person in their home is trustworthy and there to do the job they want safely and professionally. I think Jims Antennas offer the best service by the most trained Antenna, home theatre, telephone and data technicians in the industry. I would recommend Jims Antennas to anyone wanting a Digital Antenna, Home theatre, telephone or Data cabling service using quality materials by trustworthy fully trained punctual professionals.

Gary Webster, Jim's Antennas Glenwood, NSW
“Wow, what a life changing decision! Owning our own Corporate Jims Antennas business in Ballarat for the past 5 years has allowed us the opportunity to control our own financial future while having professional support at our finger tips.

Owning a corporate franchise gives us the peace of mind that we could work our own business, create a positive professional reputation and successful local business. We did not just buy a business but a lifestyle that our whole family can enjoy.”

Shane Cunningham, Jim's Antennas Ballarat, VIC

“Being involved with Jim’s Antennas for the past two years hasn’t just been great because of the variety of work but the lifestyle that it can lead too. Going to work each day doesn’t feel like a normal job as l am my own boss, l schedule my own appointments, l can opt for as much work as l require and when l come home, work stays in my van.

The support and training has been very professional and starting off a business from scratch is a lot less daunting knowing there is always someone there to help, support and guide you through the tough times. Becoming a franchisee of Jim’s Antennas was the best career move l could have made as l am not reliant on an employer for my income. It has given me the ability to be in control of my own future earning capacity and development within the industry.”

Aaron Puddy, Jim's Antennas Canterbury, VIC
“Buying my Antenna franchise has been the best thing I’ve ever done! Being able to work as hard as I want or the flexibility to take the foot off the gas when needed really appeals to me. My work/life balance has changed dramatically for the better. The freedom of being my own boss and working on my own is fantastic, while also being able to call on colleagues for help at any time gives you the sense of being part of a professional team. The fact that my work involves my love of audio visual is just a bonus!!!
Simon Hunt , Jim's Antennas Flagstaff Hill, SA
“Owning our own business, has given us a lot of self-satisfaction in helping others to resolve their issues with TV, phone, data problems & home theatre etc. It enables us to have a flexible life style, work as hard as we want or as little. (Living the dream as we say) Having a really good support group from Jim’s Antennas is great, always someone in the team that can help resolve a problem if needed.
Owning and running your own business is sometimes challenging, but overall the personal satisfaction makes all worthwhile.

Donald Tippet, Jim's Antennas Bundaberg, QLD
“I’m now into my fifth year as a Jim’s Antennas franchisee and I can honestly say that it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made. When you’re doing what you love it’s difficult to actually call it work and that’s how I feel – I really enjoy getting up every morning! As my own boss I have the flexibility to work to a routine that suits me, which gives me the freedom to transport my kids to and from school which is very important to me. Each day is different and I thrive on the challenges each new job presents. My Regional Franchisor and his team provide endless support, strong leadership and regular training which keeps us at the forefront of our industry. The culture within the Jim’s Antennas team is fantastic and I look forward to being a part of the group for many more years to come.

Troy Barden, Jim's Antennas Wollert, VIC