Saying Thank You To The Local Community

It’s not a big secret really; we are nothing without the community with whom we work with, and for. As business owners we are privileged to be able to meet new people who live in the same community as us on a daily basis. One of the best parts of being a business owner is the connections we make through the work we do.

While giving our customers great television reception is often met with enough adulation and celebration for us to feel really good about ourselves, we also know how good it feels to do something for nothing in return.

Shane from Jim’s Antenna’s in Wynn Vale is one of the 34% of South Australian’s who experience and contribute to valuable community work as a volunteer. Often, the type of work Volunteers do is the difference between a community group or service provider surviving, or not.

For many […]

July 17th, 2015|

Welcome To The Jim’s Family – David From Jim’s Antennas Horsham

Jim’s Antennas Melbourne would like to wish a warm welcome to its newest corporate Franchisee – David – who has purchased the Horsham franchise.

David has a extensive background in many areas of electronics and has a passion for TV’s, home theatre systems and all things audio visual. He is looking forward to getting up on the roofs of his customers in Horsham and and surrounds to provide them the very best in digital TV.

If you live in the Horsham area, you can find out more about how David can help you on our Horsham page. Otherwise, just give us a call on 131 546 to discuss your audio visual needs.

July 16th, 2015|

Something Worth Crowing About

Imagine losing digital reception right in the middle of the latest release of a Game of Thrones episode! Luckily one customer managed to keep himself off the internet while he waited because otherwise he would have been busy reading the spoilers most people were posting all over Facebook.

The unlucky Game of Thrones fan turned lucky when he contacted Shane from Jim’s antennas in Wynn Vale after he lost complete digital reception at his house, at the worst possible time.

Upon inspection of their antenna which was on top of their two story unit, Shane discovered that the cable had been eaten away by some friendly residents. The residents who use the antenna as a place of congregation, rest and for scenic advantage were some cheeky local birds.

Not your usual neighbourly annoyance, Shane said that the birds weren’t sticking with the Game of Thrones theme, and rather than being […]

July 16th, 2015|

New TV Antenna in Yanchep Delivers Perfect Reception

With TV reception issues in Yanchep being reasonably common the Jim’s Antennas team can get great TV signal using great products and our expertise.

With the TV transmitters over 70km away, Tony from Jim’s Antennas Hillarys not only was happy to get there the very next day he also ensured the customer got great TV reception.

Pieter from Yanchep said “this is my second new house and I’ve used Jim’s Antennas on both occasions”.

Great customer service and great installation makes great customers happy – call Jim’s Antennas on 131 546.

July 15th, 2015|

Jim’s Antennas: Masters of Cable Disguise

With a current spate of home renovation shows taking over our televisions at night, it’s hard not to start to question the state of your own home. The before and after footage, from dumps to modern masterpieces is certain to send any viewer into a flurry of home improvement planning and sometimes even despair.

While there are things we will likely never do, like iron the quilt cover or build a bed head from timber crates, no one could be criticized for looking at these magazine ready homes and negatively comparing their own abode.

Simple things like “where do the hide the ugly must haves like power boards, extension leads and clothes drying racks?” are sure to run through minds. Or “how do they get the bathroom floors to stay so white when I can’t even get the kids to hang up their towels?” As with many things in life, […]

July 14th, 2015|

Bluetooth Speaker Installation – The Perfect Solution

Matt from Jim’s Antennas Noarlunga in Adelaide’s southern suburbs has found the perfect solution for a household in Seaford Rise.

The client was keen to add a simple audio system throughout her house. In the past she would connect her iPhone to the USB on the front of the home theatre amplifier receiver in another room and crank the volume to a level that could be heard throughout the house. Although this idea was successful it did have its drawbacks, namely, that the volume was way too high to be anywhere near comfortable in the front room.

There are lots of answers to this setup problem and various considerations to be made.

Matt’s answer was to install a pair of 6.5″ in-ceiling Bluetooth enabled speakers. These are powered speakers that easily pair to Bluetooth enabled media players meaning all volume controls and functions are easily taken care of with the player […]

July 13th, 2015|

Digital TV Antennas Require Expertise In Their Installation

In the days gone by of analogue TV reception, on some occasions TV antenna installation could be done with a fair amount of guess work.

In this photo a customer has previously aimed the antennas in the direction but has never been able to get great TV reception.
Jim’s Antennas have replaced the guess work with expertise which has resulted in a much better looking digital TV antenna on the roof taking up less space and provide great TV reception.

The old Antennas have been taken down and taken away for recycling.

Jim’s Antennas can provide free quotes for any TV reception issues throughout Perth. Just call us on 131 546.

July 13th, 2015|

Messy Cables? Jim’s Antennas Can Help

Shaun from Jim’s Antennas Williamstown was recently called to a property in the Murray River region where the client has been left with a mess of cables after an install. The customer wasn’t happy with the way the cables had been left. There were cables for VAST TV, free to air TV, Foxtel and the Foxtel multiswitch all left hanging as seen in the photo.

Shaun was able to hide all the cabling inside the wall and provide the client with a neat and tidy solution as can be seen in the after photo. No more messy cables!

Call Jim’s Antennas for all your TV aerial, VAST digital satellite TV problems and new installations in the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Murraylands regions on 131546.

July 10th, 2015|

Building A New Home? Get Jim’s Antennas In Early!

Is your NEW house still in construction phase ? Lee from Jim’s Antennas South Melbourne has prewired and now installing alarms, CCTV cameras to be viewed on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. AV Matrix distribution systems, Foxtel, DVD, Apple TV, Nass drives, CCTV equipment and anything else will be in a cupboard so everything is out of site so all you see is the TV. We have run 2 Coax cables and 4 CAT 6 data cables to each TV – this will future proof what is to be shown on the TV.

Wherever you are Elwood, Kew, Camberwell, Moorabbin or anywhere else, call Jim’s Antennas on 131546 to make sure your new house is all wired for the future!

July 8th, 2015|

Jims Antennas Deliver Video Conferencing to Rockingham office!

Video Conferencing can save time and money and can be set up quickly and efficiently by Jim’s Antennas.
This is a 50″ monitor with a floating shelf that shows how simple and smart it can look and how effective it can it be for small office boardroom.

If it’s time for your office to update your technology, Jim’s Antennas would be glad to help. Call us on 131 546 to discuss your needs.

July 7th, 2015|