Mounting an antenna on a chimney

Luke from Jim’s Antennas Shepparton was called to a house in Shepparton as the owner said his digital TV antenna signal had dropped out. Unfortunately the TV was not picking up any channels and the owner had arranged for guests to attend to watch the AFL grand final.

After testing the TV wall point and finding that the signal was indeed low, Luke got onto the roof to locate the antenna as it wasn’t visible from ground level. When he got to the top of his ladder he discovered the problem: the antenna had been blown over and took part of the chimney that it was mounted to.

The antenna was quite old and had been mounted to the chimney with a metal chimney kit. This type of installation is not recommended because, as you can see, strong winds have caused movement which has weakened the mortar securing the brick work.

The end […]

February 16th, 2015|

Antenna Installations in Shepparton

Luke, of Jim’s Antennas Shepparton, specialises in dual antenna installations. Luke notes, “depending on your location, you may be able to receive all free to air broadcasts from Shepparton as well as Bendigo.

If you are living in the Shepparton area but you’re also wanting to receive the local channels from Bendigo, then this is the option for you”. Luke carries quality digital TV antennas that can be installed on the one mast, as seen in the attached image. Luke continues, “One antenna will obviously face the Bendigo transmission tower and will pick up all channels broadcast from that location. The other antenna will face the Shepparton tower and will obviously pick up all channels from Shepparton”.

Luke will explain how to switch between signals on your TV so that you have the best TV viewing possible. The more free-to-air channels you can receive the better and this may allow you to […]

February 16th, 2015|

Complete Home Theatre Installation Narellan Vale

When most customers think of Jim’s Antennas, they usually assume that we are the go to company should a new antenna installation be required. We can diagnose your digital TV reception problems, and believe me, the digital age has brought about its fair share of problems. Reports from our technicians indicate the strangest things impacting on digital TV reception, including:

low quality LED lights
pool pumps
washing machines
hot water systems
weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain or wind
& more

Identifying these causes of interference is all in a days work for the average Jim’s Antennas technician.

However, we encourage our technicians to undertake training to add more ‘strings to their bow’. Andrew from Jim’s Antennas Narellan Vale has taken this advice and branched out to add far more services to his repertoire. One of these services is the installation of home theatre equipment, which can include TV wall mounts with cabling concealed behind walls, mounting […]

January 23rd, 2015|

Antenna Installation Lucas Estate: Ballarat

Shane from Jim’s Antennas Ballarat is the go to man for all digital TV antenna installation needs in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Since commencing the business in 2009 Shane has established himself as an expert in the field. Shane’s workmanship is only matched by his exceptional customer service standards. That’s why his services are in high demand from real estate agents, property managers, electricians and builders. Shane attends a work site, establishes exactly what equipment he will require and quotes a price, which is always competitive.

Shane also offers a 3 year warranty of his installations, which he will always honour. Some other antenna technicians look to use the cheapest possible products which usually will fail in the not too distant future. Trying to get that same technician back to fix the issue is usually impossible. That’s why Shane will always use quality products selected specifically for the job at […]

January 20th, 2015|

TV Reception Issues in Nambour

Do you live in and around the Nambour area, and are you experiencing TV reception issues?

If the answer to this is yes, we at Jim’s Antennas have the answers for you. Shane from Jim’s Antennas Nambour has told us that he has found many people in the area having unnecessary issues with the TV Signal around Nambour and Woombye. He said that the big issues people are facing in these areas are Digital signal not being strong enough, 4G LTE Interference or TV’s that have locked onto the incorrect Tower.

The unique issue with Nambour and Woombye is that from both these area it is possible to pick up signal from either the Bald Knob transmitter, or the Dulong Transmitter. Depending on the Antenna you have, and the direction it is facing will depend on which tower will give you the best response.

Further to this, transmission will soon […]

January 16th, 2015|

TV Wall Mounting Options In Ballarat

Shane is your Ballarat based Jim’s Antennas technician and he loves home theatre, particularly TV wall mounting. Correctly wall mounting a TV is a skill that Shane has refined over a 6 year period as a technician. Selecting the correct bracket for your TV is step 1. Securing the bracket to the desired location, such as a plaster or brick wall is step 2. You may also find that you require an additional TV point and Shane can also help in this area. Shane notes, “I’ve seen many a DIY TV wall mount disaster. Unless you’re particularly ‘handy’, avoid a potential mishap and give a professional a call. Pricing in affordable and a professional finish will provide you with peace of mind that the task has been completed properly the first time”.

In the attached TV wall mount image, Shane has attended a home in Mt Helen. The client had […]

January 16th, 2015|

Sudden TV Interference? Read On To Find Out What The Problem May Be

There may be many of you out there wondering why your TV reception has recently started playing up. The answer is likely to be interference caused by 4G mobile networks.

Since the 1st of January both Optus and Telstra launched 4G services in the 700 megahertz (MHz) frequency. The problem is that the 700 MHz frequency was previously used by television stations to emit analogue picture and sound and many of you have antennas and related equipment tuned to pick up this frequency. You may find that your antenna has been overwhelmed by the strong 4G signals, particularly if you reside within close proximity to a mobile phone transmission tower. The result is poor TV reception.

An Optus representative has stated, “Optus is aware of some issues regarding TV reception … where Optus and/or Telstra has recently launched 4G services in the 700 MHz band”. Telstra has also been quoted […]

January 15th, 2015|

Enjoy Music Anywhere In Your Home Or Office With Bluetooth Speakers

Shane from Jim’s Antennas Ballarat specialises in the installation of Bluetooth speakers that sync with your smart device.

This technology allows for the wireless streaming of audio from a smart phone or tablet to the speakers. That’s right, simply call Shane to come out and assess your home or office and in no time you can listen to your favourite songs or radio talk back in any room in the house or office.

There’s really no need anymore for speaker cables to be run through your roof, under the floor or through walls. Wireless technology has made these speaker cables redundant, which makes the job of the technician that much easier. This all means cost savings passed on to you.

Shane has been with Jim’s Antennas for over 5 years and has always kept pace with technological changes. That’s why Shane is such a value commodity to the residents of […]

December 2nd, 2014|

Listen To Music Anywhere In The House: Jim’s Antennas Ballarat Explains How

Times have certainly changed in regard to how we store and listen to music. In the digital age we now find ourselves in, records, tape cassettes and compact disks have become a thing of the past. The advent of smartphones and tablets capable of downloading cloud based music streaming services has taken over. Who could have seen this coming 10 years ago?

Shane from Jim’s Antennas Ballarat now offers the installation of roof mounted speakers with Bluetooth capability in all client homes and offices. All you need to do is stream your music from a digital device and connect to the speakers via the Bluetooth functionality. The large stereo system taking up space in your living room can now easily be replaced with these Bluetooth capable speakers. Shane explains how Bluetooth works, “All new smartphones and tablets are Bluetooth capable. Bluetooth allows the wireless streaming of audio from a device, […]

November 20th, 2014|

Jim’s Antennas Helps An Aussie Sports Star In Penrith

Dennis of Jim’s Antennas Colyton recently helped out Australian sports star Trent Waterhouse with his digital TV reception problems. Dennis was more than happy to assist the 2003 Penrith premiership player, who has also represented NSW in State of Origin as well as the Australian Kangaroos.

Waterhouse is currently plying his trade with English Super League club the Warrington Wolves. Dennis diagnosed the reception problem for Trent and had it fixed in no time, with Trent more than happy to pose for a photo with Dennis!

Dennis resides in Colyton but offers his services throughout the greater Penrith area. Dennis excels in antenna installation, repair of existing TV points as well as installation of additional TV points.

If you want your TV wall mounted in Penrith, Dennis is your man. For a free onsite quote contact Jim’s Antennas on 1300 733 093 or book online.

November 18th, 2014|