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  • Kingborough1

Selecting the Right Antenna Mount

Grant from Jim's Antennas Kingborough in Tasmania, was recently asked to relocate a tv antenna for a customer in Old Beach, as it was suspected to be causing water damage to a houses ceiling. When Grant removed the antenna mount he found the tile cracked as seen in the photo. What made maters worse was that holes for the mounting screws were drilled in the valley of the tile. This is were the majority of water flows on any roofing material and in this case it resulted in damage to the ceiling. Any roof penetration in the valley of roofing or where water can pool, regardless of how well it is sealed is a leak waiting to happen. All sealants deteriorate in time from the sun and movement of the roof from expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. This is why selecting the right antenna mount is important. There [...]

May 23rd, 2016|
  • Office TV Wall Mount

Office TV Wall Mount in Campbellfield

Troy From Jims Antennas Wollert recently completed a office TV wall mount in Campbellfield. The office staff loved it as they can now watch and listen to the Friday night football when they are working. Troy also linked the TV to the office pc's to enable the staff to be able to use the screen for work purposes as well. As you can see in the photo all cables have been hidden to provide a neat and seamless finish. If you would like your TV Wall mounted contact Jim's Antennas on 131 546

May 23rd, 2016|
  • MPEG4 Step 1

Having issues getting the new Freeview Channels?

As you may now be aware a number of new channels have been added to the 7 and 9 networks such as 7 Flicks and 9 Life. The broadcasters have changed the signal type for these “ new “ channels to Mpeg4 and many older TVs are not able to decode this signal type. Please note- a few models of Panasonic TVs have the facility to add Mpeg4 and AVC audio signals , thus allowing you to retune your TV to include these otherwise missing signals. Please follow the steps shown in the above photos. Other TVs do not have this facility . If you do not have one of these TVs or have trouble retuning your TV you may require one of our technicians to come and offer some advice on how to overcome the problem. Please call Jims Antennas on 131 546 for prompt service and professional advice.

May 23rd, 2016|
  • Wall-mounted-tv-fremantle

Wall Mounted TV Screens for Home Gyms in Fremantle

Jim’s Antennas Fremantle can provide TV Installation for any room in the house. Mauricio, one of our Jim’s Antennas technicians in the Fremantle area, recently installed a wall Mounted TV for a home gym. Our technicians are regularly doing such installations in Fremantle and all over Perth. A Home Gym is exceptionally convenient for those who like to exercise. By adding a Wall mounted TV to your home gym you can use the time to catch up on the news or a favourite TV program while you are working out. Very convenient indeed. Most of us need some sort of motivation to exercise and viewing your favourite TV show will do just that. Call Jim’s Antennas for Wall mounted TVs in any room in the house.

May 20th, 2016|
  • TV Wall Mont Mernda

Home Theatre Install in Mernda

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert has recently completed an amazing Home Theatre install in Mernda. This install comprised of four in ceiling mounted speakers, 60 inch TV wall mount and modulation of Foxtel throughout the house. All this was able to be installed by Troy on the same day. Troy services all Northern suburbs of Melbourne and specializes in home theatre installation. Jims Antennas, more than just antennas. Call for a free quote on 131 546

May 19th, 2016|
  • Hume mens Shed

Jim’s Antennas Wollert helping out the Hume Men’s Shed

Troy and Tekauri from Jims Antennas Wollert recently donated an Antenna, Mount,TV Wall Mount and labour for a 50 inch TV Wall Mount. partnering with one of Troy’s real estate agents who donated the TV , to the Hume Men’s Shed located in Craigieburn. This is an organisation which helps other men and women out, it teaches them how to use tools, cook and just a place to catch up for a talk. Troy had no hesitation in helping those who help others out, once he found out about what they do. Jim's Antennas Wollert helping out the Hume Men's Shed

May 19th, 2016|

Where Do They Keep Their Wings?

Earlier yesterday, while driving through grade A fire risk territory in country Victoria, my two little girls thankfully dozing peacefully in the rear seats only 30 minutes or so into our 700K schlep back to Gundaroo, NSW, the car decided it was prime time to play its bi-annual game of 'silly buggers'. An hour later we'd (inadvisably) limped on to the Woolies Caltex in Mernda. I'd called around 5 different local (and local-ish) mechanics and the best offer of the two that "might" be able to "have a look at it some time today" was the Repco 4-5Ks away in Doreen. Relatively close in distance, but it might have well been 500Ks as the advice was not to drive on peril of the engine doing itself some "real damage" and us not being members of the NRMA. Yet. The girls were doing their best in the air-con relief of the [...]

May 19th, 2016|
  • Two Towers 2

The Two Towers- Point Arkwright and Peregian Beach

In recent times two new transmitters have been installed at Point Arkwright and Peregian Beach. These transmitters have made digital reception readily available to many areas on the Sunshine Coast. Customers in suburbs as far afield as Montville to Sunrise Beach, Valdora to North Buderim and the Northern side of Mount Coolum have enjoyed the benefit of perfect reception from our regional broadcasters. If you are still experiencing less than perfect Digital TV Receptionand you live on the Sunshine Coast then please consider calling Jim's Antennas 131 546 for a free , no obligation quote. Our technicians pride themselves on providing you with a solution to fit your needs and budget.

May 19th, 2016|
  • Jim's Antennas South Melbourne Wall Mount

Wall Mounting TV for Children’s Safety

Jim's Antennas was recently called to a house in Glen Iris, the customers concern having young children in the home was with the TV sitting on the window bench and Foxtel connected with loose cables, so the TV may tip over with the children playing around it. They wanted the TV wall mounted for the childrens safety. Jim's Antennas have mounted the television on a heavy duty swivel bracket that can be viewed from the kitchen as well. No more unsightly loose cables with power leads now safely hidden behind the TV. Foxtel and Apple TV are now located out of the way under the stairwell cupboard, all controlled by a Resi Linx IR system. The customers also had the TV in their bedroom, mounted safely on the wall with no more messy cables going across to the TV and power sockets. Now both TV's have the ability to view [...]

May 18th, 2016|
  • Vic UNI

Jim’s Antennas Installs MATV System at Vic Uni

Jim's Antennas installs MATV System at Vic Uni. Troy from Jim's Antennas Epping and his team just finished cabling for MATV, with Head end equipment and setting up a new student accommodation building for MATV in Footscray for Victoria Uni. The new housing project is over twelve levels, two buildings and has over five hundred student beds with TV outlets in every room and over 30 more in common areas. This also has Foxtel on the ground level for the main common areas. No job is too big or too small for Troy and his team conatct us on 131 546.

May 18th, 2016|