TV Systems for Better TV Reception in High Rise Buildings

Are tenants of your block of units complaining about poor TV reception ?

Jim’s Antennas South Melbourne was called into this block of units in Richmond to solve the problem.
The existing old wiring was used to pull up RG6 quad shielded cable which is best suited for Digital TV signals.

New Digital f-type splitters and taps were used in the roof space for all units to be connected to the new TV system. The 2 new VH and UHF Antennas were made by Matchmaster Television Systems and gave a very high quality TV signals from Mt.Dandenong and the Como Tv Transmitter. So when tenants move into the unit, no matter what TV transmitter there TV is tuned to, it will always work and no need to retune the television.

The Distribution Amplifier was fitted in the Switch Board so all tenants will now have a strong digital TV signal. The antennas were secured […]

January 29th, 2016|

Jim’s Antennas Montrose supports Type One Diabetes

Jim’s Antennas Montrose are proud to be a major sponsor for Team Tahlia at the One Walk held at Albert Park in early October 2015.

These walks allow JDRF and Team Tahlia to fund life-changing research, helping to lessen the everyday burden of T1D for 120,000 Australians living with the disease, and ultimately, create a world where it no longer exists – a world where Type One has become Type None.

Tahlia is now 8 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2010. The disease usually arises in childhood but it lasts a lifetime because it destroys the ability to produce insulin, which is vital for life.
It can be a very difficult life at times for Tahlia as a child with Type 1 diabetes. Tahlia is now given insulin continuously over the day via an external pump, as well as checking her blood sugar levels with a finger prick between 6 […]

October 29th, 2015|

How do I access the new Channel Nine HD channels?

Channel Nine has announced major changes to their digital TV platform to start broadcasting  a simulcast of their main TV channel in High Definition.

The Nine Network will launch Australia’s first free-to-air lifestyle channel and begin simulcasting its main channel in high definition as well as standard definition.

The new channel, 9Life, will launch on November 26 and feature the best in lifestyle and reality television content sourced from around the globe.

Launching on November 26 will be the high definition broadcast of Channel Nine.

The commencement of the HD broadcast will coincide with the Third cricket Test between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide, which begins on November 27.

Viewers without a HD television will still be able to watch Channel Nine through a simulcast standard definition (SD) broadcast.

To accommodate the HD upgrade there will be a realignment of Nine Network channel numbers. 9HD will be available through Channel 90, while the SD broadcast […]

October 29th, 2015|

Where is the best location for my Antenna?

At Jim’s Antennas we often get asked where is the best location for my Antenna and the answer depends on a lot of factors.

The correct location of your Antenna has a lot to do with your location to the nearest TV towers, ideally an antenna should be mounted at the point where the signals are the strongest which can only be assessed with the correct signal meter that all Jim’s Antennas franchisee’s carry. The antenna should also be mounted where it can be easily serviced should repairs or adjustments be required in the future.

We all don’t want to see unsightly Antennas on our roofs but unfortunately in the digital TV age installing an Antenna inside the roof cavity is not on as there is  always the issue of loss of signal due to low signal the antenna struggling to gain signal being blocked from the tile or tin.

In weaker signal […]

October 29th, 2015|

How can I get better Digital radio reception?

At Jim’s Antennas we get asked all sorts of questions in regards to receiving better TV reception, but lately we have seen a lot of requests to get better Digital Radio reception and can we help out? Well the answer is…of course we can!

Digital Radio uses a far more advanced and technically robust transmission system and operates in Australia in VHF Band III (Ch9/9A).  Like other digital technologies, it uses higher frequencies which work extremely well in range but have a “cliff edge” drop off at the boundary of reception, just like digital TV.  DAB+as it is also referred to is both a cost effective and spectrum efficient technology, allowing broadcasters to offer their popular analogue stations simulcast in digital quality, as well as new digital only stations. DAB+ offers over 40 radio stations that pre-tune in automatically and has amazing sound qualities but in some locations the signal can […]

October 22nd, 2015|

Wind Damage To Antennas – Fix It Early To Avoid Disaster!

Antenna problems caused by wind can sometimes mean more than just a flickering picture.  Time and cumulative weather affects can cause catastrophic failures as shown – this was a 30 foot mast bent like cardboard after a recent wind storm.  Spring can be a time of year that sees increased winds and therefore increased danger of a failure. 
With a new digital antenna, not only do you get the best possible picture from the latest generation of 4G filtered LTE Antennas, in most cases there is no longer the need to have that unsightly large mast and wire system on your roof.  The pictured tripod mount replaced the previous 30 foot mast at this home and is now providing crystal clear high definition digital free to air television. 
Dennis McGee from Jim’s Antennas Colyton is available for free quotes in Penrith, Hawkesbury, The Lower Mountains and surrounding areas. So for […]

September 21st, 2015|

Robina Hospital Digital Upgrade

Jim’s Antennas – The Digital TV Specialists – were recently called upon to resolve issues the Robina Hospital Health Precinct were experiencing.

Gavin, the franchisor for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, who has over 10years experience was tasked with resolving the issue.

Although the building was less than 5 years old the existing system was set up without the digital restack in mind. As the final part of the Australian change to digital TV, the digital restack moved many broadcast channels to free up frequencies that are to be sold as part of the digital dividend.

While this generally happened without incident some commercial installations became redundant and needed replacement.

Gavin inspected the existing installation and quickly determined the problem. Even though it was a straight forward problem the solution was the need for complete replacement. Gavin prepared a detailed quote for approval and once approved he quickly installed the replacement equipment and restored […]

September 15th, 2015|

Yes, We Can Do Cabling As Well!

Jim’s Antennas can take care of all your TV reception and home cinema installation needs, but did you know they can also look after all of your office cabling needs?

Jim’s can provide everything from a simple data point relocation right through to full office fit outs including wall mounted TV’S for video conferencing, ceiling mounted projectors for presentations and fully networked workstations.

An efficient office needs a reliable fast data network and Jim’s Antennas have the know how and experience to design and install or just to install to your companies specifications.

Whether it is a Cat5 or Cat 6 network Jim’s Antennas have access to the latest equipment and are fully licenced to correctly install and test your new office network.

Of course all Jim’s Antennas franchisees are fully insured and trained on the latest equipment and importantly, have the experience to complete your job to industry standards.

Call Jim’s Antennas for a […]

September 8th, 2015|

Dolby Atmos – Latest Technology For Your Home

As the largest and most qualified technology installation group, Jim’s Antennas can get you set up with the latest technology.

Whether it is a stylish curved OLED TV screen to take pride of place on your lounge room wall or a full blown high definition home cinema, Jim’s Antennas have the experience and ability to do it all.

One of the latest technologies to emerge is the Dolby Atmos system. This new system takes traditional surround sound to another level. With roof mounted speakers adding to the traditional surround speakers, Atmos creates a 3 dimensional sound field bringing movies to life. Virtually all new Hollywood blockbusters are now created with this technology.

Most existing home cinemas can be upgraded to provide this incredible new system.

Jim’s Antennas franchisees can supply and install any type of home cinema, from the clean lines of a straight forward wall mounted screen and sound bar right through to […]

September 1st, 2015|

Jim’s Antennas In Your Neighbourhood – Yes, We Are Local!

As Perth’s most reputable TV Antenna installation team we pride ourselves on being able to deliver consistent TV reception solutions for Perth’s local areas.

This is a great example of one of our team members installing a new TV antenna with a recent TV Antenna installation in the back ground done by another one of our team members.

This TV Antenna installation was done in East Victoria Park but rest assured Jim’s Antennas can install a new TV Antenna, Wall mount a TV, install a data point or 2 anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area.

August 12th, 2015|