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4G Interference from Mobile Phone Tower: Charter Boat Reception Issues

March 1st, 2017|

4G interference can wreak havoc with TV reception and is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. Mark from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum was recently requested by a client to investigate a television reception issue on a client's charter fishing vessel at Manly boat harbour. The client's TV reception became very poor when [...]

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Commercial TV Systems

November 25th, 2016|

Warren from Jim’s Antennas was called out to a job just before the X-Factor final. The building had suddenly lost tv reception in all apartments. "I discovered the problem was a tripped fuse", says Warren. Warren had responded to an afterhours "SOS" call from Chris the building manager of a [...]

  • TV-Antenna-recycling

Recycling TV Antennas

November 25th, 2016|

Ever wonder what happens to old Antenna once the shiny new one has gone up? We often get the asked what happens to all the old hardware after your friendly Jim’s Antennas technician has completed your brand new installation for picture perfect digital TV. Matthew from Jim’s Antennas in Yarraville [...]

  • Charter-boat-antenna

Mobile Phone Towers Causing Interference on Charter Boats

November 23rd, 2016|

Mark from Jim’s Antennas Wynnum was recently requested by a client to investigate a television reception issue on the clients charter fishing vessel at Manly boat harbour. The clients tv reception became very poor when moored at the boat harbour and improved when the vessel was away from the mooring. [...]

  • Antenna-Installation-Shepparton

Antenna Installation Shepparton

November 21st, 2016|

If you are experiencing TV reception issues or just want to upgrade your old analogue antenna to a new digital one, then Luke from Jim’s Antennas is your man. Luke is your preferred antenna installer in the Greater Shepparton area. Luke provides his services in Shepparton, Mooroopna, Benalla, Violet Town, [...]

  • c-band_k-band_VAST_Satellite

C-Band & K-Band VAST Satellite Systems: A Quick and Easy Guide

November 16th, 2016|

K-band and C-band VAST satellite systems allow you to receive Foxtel or other free to air TV satellite broadcast systems called VAST (Viewer Access Satellite TV) and an array of overseas language transmissions. At Jim’s Antennas Murrarie we can install and configure these systems for you and in this post, [...]

  • Antenna-Storm-Damage-03

Repairing Guyed Masts: Strong Wind and Storm Damage

October 11th, 2016|

Get your guyed mast checked! With the strong winds around recently it a timely reminder to get your guyed mast checked. Brett from Jim's Antennas Mickleham responded to this customer and had to replace the entire antenna system when the 30 ft mast came down in strong winds recently. The [...]

  • Modulation-error-rate

Why isn’t My New TV as Good as it was in the Store?!!

September 27th, 2016|

So you’ve gone out an purchased a brand new 4K ultra HD TV brought it home and you are now wondering why it isn’t looking like it was in the shop. One word "MER", or in technical terms Modulated Error Rate. Well lets have a little chat about MER, and [...]

  • storm-damaged-roof

Antenna Storm Damage Brisbane

September 27th, 2016|

Every year South East Queensland experiences summer storms that bring with them extensive property damage. From Ipswich to the Bay and all across the south Brisbane and North Brisbane suburbs Jims Antennas are busy every year replacing and repairing storm damaged antennas. Preventative maintenance can reduce this problem though. As [...]

  • Yacht-Club

Yacht Club TV Wall Mount

September 12th, 2016|

Matthew Keig from Jim’s Antennas Yarraville recently completed a Free To Air TV Antenna and  TV Wall mount for the Altona Boating & Angling club in Seaholme. The job proved to have some challenges getting cables down the wall so that they were concealed from view once the TV was [...]