Jim’s Antennas Mackay Travels Far And Wide To Help

Graham is Jim’s Antennas Mackay’s local antenna technician but he is often requested to travel far and wide to assist clients with their digital TV needs. One such location is Moranbah, and you will see Graham travel through the town on a regular basis to assist clients.

Problems with TV reception in rural areas are common, but the majority of the digital TV reception issues are due to faulty or poorly installed equipment. On a recent trip to rectify a TV reception issue, Graham found that the antenna, whilst a little on the dated side, was still working. The antenna just needed to be a little higher and a faulty amplifier replaced, which solved the problem.

As a Jim’s Antennas technician Graham has extensive and ongoing training and uses one of the best Field Strength Meters available which allows him to diagnose all digital TV reception problems. So if […]

August 7th, 2014|

Jim’s Antennas Services Also Include Data Outlets

Who do you call when you need a data outlet? Jim’s Antennas of course!

But firstly, why would you need a data point? Can’t I just use WiFi? Well, many people are now not only involved in online gaming but are now moving to video streaming and downloading to watch movies rather than going to the video shop to rent movies. This can be a great way to have access to a huge variety of movies and save time, but can also introduce new issues. Problems can include poor WiFi connections which can cause drop outs and freezing. A hard-wired internet connection does away with these problems and ensures a trouble free link to either your computer or the internet.

Another reason to install Ethernet cables and connections is to future proof for the NBN and fibre optic connections which have the ability to provide internet services faster than we […]

August 5th, 2014|

Jim’s Antennas Wollert Gives Back With Charity Work

Troy of Jim’s Antennas Wollert loves to help out wherever he can, whether that be at local schools in his area or for great causes like Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a tremendous initiative to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost and fight back against cancer.

One of the organisers notes of Troy, “Troy is a big help with Relay For Life, donating time, money and antennas for people to watch tv. In which we charged people $2 to watch the footy, which raised a lot of money that night. Last year we realised Over $100,000. With help from Troy”.

Keep doing Jim’s Antennas proud Troy.

July 29th, 2014|

Jim’s Antennas in West Mackay

Your Jim’s Antennas technicians servicing North Queensland only the use the best quality digital TV antennas and amplifiers.

Graham of Jim’s Antennas West Mackay states, “I was doing some TV reception work for one of my caravan park customers in Sarina and I noticed that an antenna I installed previously had been damaged by a falling palm branch. This antenna was servicing 4 onsite cabins but upon testing I found that the quality of the signal had dropped due to the damage. However, all the TVs were still receiving a signal. At the owner’s request I attempted a repair. I got up and straightened the elements and the signal quality improved back to where it was previously. I believe that a lesser quality product wouldn’t have performed to the same standard”.

Jim’s Antennas are proud to supply and install Matchmaster, Hills, NAS & Radio Parts products which are tested […]

July 22nd, 2014|

TV Wall Mounting Options In Mount Pleasant: Contact Jim’s Antennas

Rick of Jim’s Antennas Mount Pleasant offers a number of services, one of these is the professional mounting of TVs.

Rick says, “A customer located in Mount Pleasant purchased a TV to put on her kitchen bench space but she found that their wasn’t enough room for both the TV and stand. The client called me in and we discussed options, one of which was to mount the TV to the wall. This wasn’t easy as I had to dismantle the mount in order to get it to fit. All round though I think it looks great and the client was very happy”.

Well done Peter on solving a problem for a client. For a free onsite quote contact 1300 733 093 or visit our website at to book your free quote.

July 15th, 2014|

Installations of all types – Call Jim’s Antennas Gold Coast & Brisbane

One thing Jim’s Antennas are known for is the ability to get the job done. With years of experience behind us we are able to do things other installers can’t. You might need a weather proof TV mounted outside by the pool, a TV mounted in the kitchen, even a full blown high end dedicated home cinema room. We can handle it.

Jim’s Antennas Gold Coast and Brisbane have completed some interesting jobs including installing commercial satellite links across Australia to stream concerts and sporting events live to cinemas. We have provided TV reception solutions to retail outlets in shopping centres across the country requiring us to liaise with centre management, staff and security to ensure approval and work out of hours when needed. If you’re building, renovating or even fitting our a shop front Jim’s Antennas will be able to help.

Call us today on 1300 733 093 […]

July 8th, 2014|

Can An Antenna Affect The Output Of My Solar Panels?

Simply put, a TV antenna can affect the output of a home’s solar panel installation. The shadow cast by an antenna can cause the problem, as can any other shadow type, whether that be from a tree, a building or cloud cover. Shade on a solar panel system can reduce and even virtually shut down electricity production at any home or office.
James Martin of Solar Choice advises that, “In conventional solar panel installations, shade is something that blocks flow. If, for example, shade from a tree or a chimney is cast on even one of the panels in the install, the output of the entire install will be reduced to virtually zero for as long as the shadow sits there.” See the attached link for the full article:
It’s therefore extremely important to make sure any antennas are moved not just to a new location but a location that […]

June 30th, 2014|

Satellite Signal Issues In Mackay: Call Jim’s Antennas

If you’ve got problems with your satellite dish and you reside in Mackay there’s only one name to call: Jim’s Antennas. Graham of Jim’s Antennas West Mackay was called to a job at Eimeo recently as the client was experiencing reception problems with their satellite. Graham first conducted a signal test at the outlet to ascertain that there was a problem. He then conducted a visual inspection of the satellite dish on the roof and found that a tree branch had grown across the dish. Obviously the branch was causing interference to the signal so with the customers’ blessing, Graham took the hand saw to the offending branches and fixed the problem instantly.

Graham also noticed that the free to air TV cabling was damaged due to a poor previous installation. At the customers’ request he also replaced the cable. The customer was extremely happy and also commented that, in […]

June 24th, 2014|

LED Lights: Can They Interfere With Your TV Reception?


Many of our Jim’s Antennas technicians have seen a spike in digital television interference that may be caused by some models of LED light globes. This may also be the case for digital radio reception. If you experience a sudden loss of signal or picture quality, it may be that LED light globes in your residence or neighbouring residences is the cause. Naturally, such interference is likely to occur during evening hours when light globes are actively in use.


Our Jim’s Antennas technicians provide the following advice:

When your television reception is affected by interference, immediately switch any and all LED lights off. If the signal immediately returns to normal this is a strong indicator that the LED light globe(s) is the source of the interference.

The problem that you may encounter is that the source of […]

June 17th, 2014|

Bowling Anyone? Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm Steps Up

Michael and Margaret Stone from Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm have been league bowling with the Zodiacs at Bowland Ingle Farm since last year after being introduced to it by another franchisee.

As the league needed a sponsor for 2014 Michael and Margaret decided to put themselves forward to supply the bowling shirts and they are extremely happy with the results.

They’ve had excellent feedback from the league stating how nice the shirts look and also how comfortable they are to wear and actually bowl in.

All Michael, Margaret and their team need to do now is to improve their games!

June 10th, 2014|