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Vansat Automatic Signal Finding

Vansat is an automatic signal finding setup that sets itself up at the push of a button. In the Mackay area, Vansat systems are supplied by a locally owned business and professionally installed by Graham from Jim's Antennas. For the job shown in the pictures here, the satellite dish was installed at a caravan park in South Mackay. If you're in a remote location, using a satellite dish we can help you receive VAST TV (free to air TV) and also Foxtel (if you are a subscriber, of course). Who can you trust to install an automatic satellite dish on your new $100k plus caravan? Jim's Antennas West Mackay is the answer. Give us a call on 131 546 and we can discuss your project.

June 24th, 2016|
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Quality of Antenna Installation

Ever so often, as a Jims Antenna technician, we come across simple installation problems. Recently, we responded to a call out at Rural View, in Mackay's Northern Beaches. The job was at a new house, where the occupants weren't receiving any signal at all. Unfortunately, after a quick inspection, we noted that in this case, a protective boot wasn't fitted properly---this was allowing moisture into the connection causing the brand new antenna to fail. The quick diagnosis helped us fix the problem quickly and cost-effectively for the client. Jim's Antennas prides itself on carrying out competent & quality work on all jobs, we also offer a minimum 12months warranty on all new installation work.

June 24th, 2016|
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Recycling Old Antennas

As a busy Jim's Antennas installer in Mackay, I generate a certain amount of rubbish which has to be disposed of. 100% of all cardboard waste I generate goes into recycling. While this has a small fee per empty attached to it, I see it as my small contribution to the environment. All of those old obsolete antennas need to go somewhere too. Every couple of weeks I load old antennas and metal mounts into my van and take them to the local recycling centre. The local centre in Mackay provides jobs for disadvantaged people and people serving community services orders. My load of scrap metal serves as a small donation to help keep this facility running. Jim's Antennas: caring about the community & the environment!

June 23rd, 2016|
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NBN and Mobile Internet

With the NBN program rolling out steadily across the country, customers are increasingly keen to get access to strong steady internet connection. However, this simple requirement seems to be trickier to achieve than one would think. We recently had a customer who was having trouble with his internet connection dropping out all the time. He had tried numerous providers, including the NBN and IPSTAR, but was told due to his location the best option was to use a mobile modem. Growing increasingly impatient, he obtained a mobile modem, but the signal kept dropping out. Surfing the internet or downloading content was becoming extremely frustrating. We were able to solve the problem by installing a mobile network antenna, this lifted the signal from 1 bar to full service, making the customer very happy.

June 22nd, 2016|
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Antenna Installation on an Island

Jim's Antennas technicians have developed a reputation for going almost anywhere to look after their clients. Recently Jim's Antennas West Mackay traveled to Victor Island, off the coast of Hay Point, to do an antenna installation. The logistics of these extreme installation can be tricky, but given our training and experience and help from a local Island freight company Jim's Antennas got the job done. Having the perfect weather conditions probably helped a bit too. If you have a project at a remote location or with specific technical requirements, give us a hoy on 131 546, we'd love to chat.

June 20th, 2016|
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Town and Country Antenna Installations

From rural sheds to new builds, our technicians have seen it all. Not only does Jim's Antennas have an extensive presence in the metropolitan cities, we've got you covered in rural areas and country towns too. Jims Antennas can provide a TV reception system to suit your budget and any specialist needs unique to your location. One of our experienced and qualified technicians will come to your property and give you professional, cost effective advice on how you can have great reception. Give us a bell and we'll be happy to provide you guidance and an obligation free quote. South East Queensland can sometimes be challenging due to our terrain. If you live in a difficult reception area Jims Antennas technicians will be able to provide you with a solution. Contact us today on 131 546

June 15th, 2016|
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Home Theatre Installation and Set-up

Setting up a new Home Theatre is always a thrill for both the customer and the installer. Jim’s Antennas are passionate about Home Theatre and great TV reception and viewing. This home theatre customer knew they wanted a home theatre that delivered "the WOW factor” but was unsure of what to get. Jim’s Antennas can provide free in home information about your home theatre set and experience at no charge. We are experts in this field and we are confident you will love what we do. This is exactly what we have done for this customer and as you can see in the photo Jim’s Antennas can make your home theatre idea an integral part of your home both indoors and outdoors. Free On-site Quotes and Idea Session After an onsite visit and consult with the customer, Jims Antennas was able to come up with an ideal solution, that suited [...]

June 6th, 2016|
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Antenna Installation for Rental Properties

Investment property owners it's almost the end of the financial year! If your tenants have been complaining about poor TV reception, now is the perfect time to invest in antenna installation for rental properties you own and upgrade your old antenna. Jims Antennas on the Sunshine Coast has an established track record of servicing rental properties and can provide you with a range of options best suited to the needs of your property and budget. Our technicians are trained and qualified to install the latest in Digital and 4G ready reception equipment and we are happy to provide you with a free quote. Best of all, if you are taking advantage of "negative gearing" it may come straight off your bottom line. Contact your local Jims Antennas Technician to discuss your options today. Our team regular services rental properties in Sunshine Coast, Glasshouse mountains, Caloundra, Maleny, Buderim, Maroochydore, Coolum, Yandina, [...]

June 2nd, 2016|
  • Investment Properties

Investment property owners it’s almost the end of the financial year!

Investment property owners it's almost the end of the financial year! Are your tenants are complaining about poor TV reception ? Then it's time to invest in your property and upgrade your old antenna . Jims Antennas on the Sunshine Coast can provide you with an option to suit your budget . We install the latest in Digital and 4G ready reception equipment . We are happy to provide you with a free quote . Best of all if you are taking advantage of "negative gearing" it may come straight off your bottom line . Contact your local Jims Antennas Technician on 131 546 to discuss your options today .

June 1st, 2016|
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Selecting the Right Antenna Mount

Grant from Jim's Antennas Kingborough in Tasmania, was recently asked to relocate a tv antenna for a customer in Old Beach, as it was suspected to be causing water damage to a houses ceiling. When Grant removed the antenna mount he found the tile cracked as seen in the photo. What made maters worse was that holes for the mounting screws were drilled in the valley of the tile. This is were the majority of water flows on any roofing material and in this case it resulted in damage to the ceiling. Any roof penetration in the valley of roofing or where water can pool, regardless of how well it is sealed is a leak waiting to happen. All sealants deteriorate in time from the sun and movement of the roof from expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. This is why selecting the right antenna mount is important. There [...]

May 23rd, 2016|